About KMC Lawn Turf

Are you looking for an Instant Lawn? Real Turf Grass Rolls?  KMC Lawn Turf Has your Instant Lawn Solution.   

KMC Lawn Turf  has your Instant Lawn (Real turf Grass Rolls) ready to go and have been providing high quality Lawn Turf to customers across Munster and Ireland for over 20 years. The company is owned by Kieran McCarthy, an expert in the roll out Instant lawn business.

Irish people now use Lawn turf or opt for an instant roll out Lawn now more than ever before, instead of seeding or choosing an artificial option. The progress of Lawn turf business in Ireland

KMC Are now selling 1 ton bags of screened top soil to help you have the perfect base for your perfect roll Out Lawn. 

 Kinsale Based Lawn Turf 

KMC Lawn Turf or your roll out lawn grass is grown on-site here in Kinsale, Southern Ireland, cut fresh and priced to order. This maximises the freshness and quality of the roll out lawn grass.  The Southern Climate that we experience in Kinsale is ideal for Lawn Turf growing.   Years of experience and research has improved the quality of KMC roll out Real Grass turf.  We use a specific seed mix made up especially for KMC roll out Instant Lawn Turf by our local Milling Company.

Why KMC Lawnturf? 

KMC roll out Lawn Turf is grown in a very specific way to allow to root properly using the correct materials and soil type to give you the perfect type of Instant roll out Lawn Turf for your garden.  Spring and Summer are ideal times to roll out your lawn, however you can roll out a new lawn any time of the year.  KMC roll out Lawn turf harvest through out the year.  If the roll out Lawn Turf is good enough for KMC to harvest it is also good enough for you to roll out a Lawn no matter what season.  So rolling out a Lawn (Real Grass turf Rolls) can be done right through out the Year unlike seeding your lawn.

KMC Lawnturf has the Personal Touch

Kieran would be delighted to talk you through the Real Grass laying/rolling out process if you are not experienced in this area. You can also refer to the page Roll Out Your Own Lawn on this website.

At KMC Lawn Turf, we are known for our expert knowledge in Instant roll out Lawn Turf, competitive prices and customer care. We take pride in the positive feedback we frequently receive from our instant lawn which is evident in our repeat business.

KMC Lawnturf and DIY SOS

KMC Lawn Turf is a local Cork Business and very proud of its roll out lawn product and service.  KMC Lawn Turf are delighted to support the DIY SOS Irish project in 2020, 2021 and now in 2022.   We are very supportive of local GAA Clubs, Soccer Clubs, Hospitals and various other projects.  Have a look at the DIY SOS Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/diysosireland/

KMC Roll Out Instant Lawn
KMC & The DIY SOS Team