Environmental Benefits of Your Lawn


Lawns are for more than just looks. Maintaining a Healthy, Thick Lawn also benefits the Environment.

Unlike hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, artificial grass or Wood a Lawn grass helps in the following way:



  • Cleans the Air
  • Traps carbon dioxide reduces erosion from storm water runoff
  • Improves soil
  • Decreases noise pollution
  • Reduce temperatures

A typical size Lawn of 204sq meters converts enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to provide adequate oxygen for a family of 4 to breath.  A healthy well maintained lawn or grass area absorbs 6 times more rainfall than a wheat field and 8 times more if was bare soil.

Healthy Turf Grass generates oxygen for improved air quality.  It reduces noise and air pollution as the grass plant ecosystem services as a natural filter for the environment.  Natural grass provides excellent soil erosion control.  Lawns improve, recharge and quality protection of ground water and provide flood control.

Heathy Turf Grasses absorb water, help filter out pollutants such as those in acid rain and recharge ground water reserves and natural aquifers instead.  So one of the ways you can help reduce air pollution is have a well maintained Lawn.  Grass areas act as natural air filters to trap and remove dust and other particles from the air through the process of photosynthesis.  Turf Grass absorbs carbon dioxide and releases clean oxygen in return.


Why not choose a KMC Lawn to do you part in improving our Planet.    At KMC Lawn Turf we are very active in our role as protectors of the environment.  We are moving away from plastic materials and  up-grading our equipment to become more environmentally conscious.