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Lay Your Own Lawnturf

Real Grass, Real Fast.

Laying your roll out (instant) lawn is ideally done during Spring and early Autumn, however KMC Lawn Turf can be laid at almost any time of the year depending on the weather conditions.  The ground should be firm, smooth and flat with good drainage. Soil should not be water logged or frozen.

The areas to be turfed should have between 4 to 5 inches of good quality top soil.  All weeds, debris, large stones and existing grass should be dug out and removed. Ideally the area should be raked and then rolled. The ground should be firm but not over compacted.

Pre fertiliser should be sprinkled over the area (70g per square yard) this will help the rooting process. 

Laying out your Lawnturf:  
KMC Lawn Turf is sold in rolls of 1 square yard. Measure the length and width to give the area in sq yards. Always add an extra 5% to allow for waste for your instant, roll out lawn.  if you have measured in Ft or Meters we can convert this to what you will need.  

KMC Lawn Turf should be laid with-in 48 hours of delivery or as soon as possible. The area should be ready for the turf once it arrives.  Lay the KMC Lawn Turf/Sod along the edges first with the longest sides of the turf parallel to the boundary line.  

Lay the KMC Lawn Turf sod/turf in rows across the area and work forward from a straight side. Stagger the joints as in brickwork. Butt the ends and edges tightly together with-out stretching the turf/sod.

Use a kneeler to work from to place on top of the turf/sod you have just laid. Fill any gaps between the turf/sod by sprinkling fine top soil into them and brush over with a soft brush. Roll the finished instant lawn with a roller to level the turf/sod and to bed it in.

Thorough watering of your new roll out lawn is key.  A new lawn needs watering twice a day for the initial couple of days, especially in the summer time, until the sod has taken root. You can tell when your Lawnturf has taken root when the sod will not lift at the edges. If your instant lawn dries out the Lawnturf will shrink and gaps will appear.

Avoid over walking on your new lawn for approx. 2 weeks after laying it.  Avoid playing soccer, having dogs on the Lawnturf etc.   Mow the new lawn once the turf/sod has rooted, this may be 7 to 10 days and regularly there after.  Keep the blade Sharpe and High.  

Spring lawns will need fertilizer. Autumn lawns should wait until the following spring to be fertilized.  Contact us today for further information.